Have you ever….?
What kind of birth control method do you use?
You're telling me to use condom, do you use them?
What kind of porn do you watch?
What would you do if you were me?
The job of a life affirming sex educator is fun, exciting, complicated, and of course- it can get personal! One of the things that becomes difficult in our roles sometimes is answering the difficult questions that come our way, balancing classroom management, honoring all of our students, determining how far is too far when giving an answer to a sex related questions, examining our values- all the while ensuring our students understand the content we are trying to impart!
Human service professionals are often torn between the desire to connect with student/clients, answer their difficult questions appropriately and comprehensively, and maintain appropriate boundaries.

Sometimes our fears of parents being called for giving our students "too much" information or policies from our employers- can keep us from imparting the information we know is necessary for our inquisitive students. Join us for this skill- based training on learning the strategies you need to teach sex ed-without getting fired! AND putting our minds at ease.
After this skills-based training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the skills and competencies needed to be a life affirming sex educator
  • Dismantle biases as it relates to your students
  • Understand the scope of sex education in the United States
  • Examine the racist and homophobic origins of sex education and how it affects how we teach sex education today
  • Explain the need to create and maintain professional boundaries between teachers and students
  • Learn 2 strategies to re-examine our "savior complex" when teaching sex education
  • Identify 3 skills to create a safer, inclusive, and shame free classroom environment
  • Identify 2 techniques to build rapport with students
  • Identify 2 strategies that enhance communication with young people
  • Determine what information is being requested by difficult questions
  • Answer difficult questions about sex comfortably and comprehensively



Who should attend? We encourage attendance by any professionals who are or will be talking to young people or adults about sexuality. Attendees could be, but are not limited to: educators, school social workers, counselors or nurses, youth workers, community workers, parent/adult educators, public health practitioners, college graduates new to the sexual health field, etc.

Are continuing education credits offered? Not at this time. Participants will be receiving a certificate of completion. I am willing to work with any institutions or credentialing bodies to submit the paperwork needed to ensure participants received the continuing education credits they need.

What does the certificate of participation say? The certificate of participation given upon completion of the training states that the individual whose name it bears successfully completed the seminar. This certificate does not provide sexuality education certification.

How To Teach Sex Ed Without Getting Fired! INTENSIVE



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