Am I Normal, Down There?

April 10, 2015

 created VagEsteem as a space for women to be themselves, learn about their bodies, and learn from each other. 


I also created VagEsteem because I've met so many women who are afraid to look "down there" and for those who think something is wrong with their awesome, amazing, beautiful, wonderful and ABSOLUTELY unique lady parts. We are so inundated with images of perfect bodies and if you've a porn flick or two, you'll notice "perfect" vulvas,lacking pubes. When I say "perfect', I mean pink, no scaring, no razor bumps, usually no hair, small labia, bleached labia, and even a cute wittle clitoris that barely pokes out.


What I want folks with lady parts to know is what you got is yours and it's perfect. Our bodies come in all types of variations and that's what makes us sexy, unique, (fill in the blank with your own word)! Our faces don't all look the same, so why would our body parts? 




I found this amazing project entitled, Labia Library.


Here a bit about them:

"The Labia Library is about showing you that, just like any other part of the body, labia come in all shapes and sizes. They’re also really important in sex and they keep your vagina healthy".


And! And! This is my fav!

"There’€™s also a photo gallery that shows you just how unique everyone’€™s labia are".


There's another project- 101 Vaginas...Pretty awesome as well!


 Oftentimes, we ask- "Am I normal?" Well. Check it out for yourself.


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