The VagEsteem Podcast is FINALLY HERE!!!!

August 5, 2016


Hey hey!


So... I pulled a Beyonce and put out a podcast.


A podcast about.... you guessed it. Vajayjays!






VagEsteem is a space for courageous conversations about sex. VagEsteem is a platform that serves to elevate women's stories and provide opportunities to learn from each other and this was my impetus for starting the podcast. I believe sharing our stories is important and I believe our voices should be heard.


I really need your support. I'd like you to listen. And I'd like for you to share . And then send me your feedback!


There are already NINE episodes for your enjoyment!!!!



A few ways you can support me is to:
1. Subscribe, download, listen if you have itunes.
If you don't have itunes: OR download it on Stitcher!


2. Rate and comment on the opening page of itunes- (this step is important to help with helping spread the VagEsteem for all and putting me on the landing page of itunes)

3. Giggle

4. Share it.

5. Tell me what you think.

I appreciate you! and I appreciate your support!

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