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Vag 101

This fun and interactive workshop explores the ins and outs of everything you've ever wanted to know about the "V", the "Vag", the "vajayjay" (you get the idea!). Through the use of props, trivia, and open discussion, Vanessa will lead participants in a series of activities that will leave you empowered, intrigued, and ready to explore!

Building Your VagEsteem in a World... That Teaches you to Hate Yourself

​About 40% of women said that they are not confident in the appearance and size of their vulvas. Society often makes women feel that there is something wrong with the looks, appearance and even the smell of their bodies. VagEsteem, workshops were built on the idea that if women love what's below the belt, they are more likely to care for and bring pleasure its way. In this workshop, we'll learn about various viewpoints and the mystery of the wonderous female anatomy

The Big "O"

  • Does the G-spot really exist?

  • Is it supposed to take this long?

  • I'm about to...ALMOST... no.


With the grave injustices facing women everywhere, with one of the gravest being the orgasm gap! We need to fix this situation! Join this lively discussion aobut desire, pleasure, and building our VagEsteem. Come and learn about the many components involved in experiencing the pleasure we deserve.

When You Keep F*&$ing and F#$%boy (and F#$%girl too..)

Relationships, sex, and love can be super confusing at times, especially when folks are messing with our emotions! We've all had our fair share of heartache and I want to change that. I want you to put yourself first and get what YOU want our of your relationships (or arrangements! ). Whatever it is, you deserve to be treated with respect, have someone communicate with you clearly, and you deserve to call the shots!

If you want to have an interactivem fun, and funny discussion about getting rid of the f$%ckboys and girls... 

Staying Safe in the "Ho-Tation"

How do I make condoms "sexy?"
How do I bring up STDs? 
How do I check for them?
How do I bring up testing?
This workshop teaches participants the ins and outs of sexually transmitted infections, communicating openly with partners about testing, condom and dental dam use, and much more!

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